[mythtv-users] HDMI audio works on flat screen but not in mythtv

Raymond Norton admin at lctn.org
Sat Apr 2 03:01:56 UTC 2011

I am running mythtv on a zodac box with Ubuntu Maveric (Mint 10). I have 
HDMI audio working on the desktop, but only get video with mythtv.

  I have set the sound output to HDMI on the desktop and in mythtv 
frontend settings, unmuted spdif via alsamixer, updated to the latest 
nvidia drivers via:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

I have also changed the mixer in mythtv from PCM to Master, and set 
mixer device to "software"

I captured all the details about my sound card here:

Mythfrontend version: branches/release-0-23-fixes (26437)

Any ideas what to look at next

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