[mythtv-users] Using Backspace instead of Escape for "back"

Michael Zanetti lists at follefuder.org
Wed Sep 29 18:33:36 UTC 2010

Hi all!

I bought a Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard and I'm quite happy with it except 
one little annoyance. If you look at this picture of it [1], you see the nice 
"Back" button on the upper right corner besides the arrows. Well, this is just 
a normal Backspace button. The problem is, that mythtv uses the Escape button 
to exit menus instead of the the Backspace button, so this one doesn't do 
nothing most of the time. Using the Escape button of the keyboard is not 
really an options as it is located on FN+Tab. Remapping the Backspace button 
to Escape using xmodmap neither as I bought the keyboard mainly for typing 
text (hooray for mythnetvision)

I know that there is the possibility to assign the Backspace key to the Escape 
function in mythcontrols. However, this doesn't work very well in this case. 
After reassigning the button, it does exit most of the menus but there are 
some places where this doesn't work. You cannot exit the player and you cannot 
exit the frontend. This seems to work only with the real Escape button.

The next problem ist that in the new libmythui editboxes the Backspace button 
does not work as a Backspace button any more if reassigned to Escape. This 
works well in the oldscool QLineEdits. However, as those are going to be 
replaced by libmythui, this issue will grow over time.

Is there anyone who is successfully using the Backspace key for the Escape 
function but still as Backspace when typing text? Or anyone who can tell me if 
those issues are bugs beeing introduced during the libmythui transition and 
should I file bug reports for it?

Thanks a lot,

[1] http://www.logitech.com/assets/22978/22978.png

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