[mythtv-users] LiveTV: stutter at program start/change resolved by short pause..?

Daniel Born born_daniel at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 16:58:40 UTC 2010

>> Hi all, 
 I'm in the process of setting up a dual boot Mythbuntu 10.04 system but
 this is not 
>> operational yet so I'm still using Mythbuntu 9.10 with a 
combined BE/FE and a 
>> separate FE (also on 9.10). 
>> This 
is the symptom: When watching LiveTV only, whenever we start it or when 
>> is a program change (while not changing channels), there will be a
 noticeable video 
>> stutter (audio is fine) that will start and remain 
until the playback is paused and 
>> resumed. The pause could be a very 
short one (less than a second) or longer, it will be 
>> sufficient to make 
it flow normally again. This happens on the combined BE/FE and on 
>> the 
remote FE. I don't see anything in the logs and it always works OK when 
>> recordings. 
>> Anybody have this? any solution? I'm hoping that my future 10.04 setup won't have it. 
>> I'm using an HD-PVR and an HD stb for recording. 
>> Thanks for any insight, 
>> Daniel 
 P.S. I have run the script to clean up the database without any 
noticeable effect. I 
>> have a separate OS disk (250GB) less than 1% full 
and two 1TB disks for recordings 
>> that are about 85% and 50% full.
> Daniel,
> This has been an issue for me for quite some time.  I originally posted the issue in 
> December 2009 in the following thread: <http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/414307>. 
> As you can see, it only got a few responses even though our setups seem
 to be fairly 
> standard mythtv installs.  Since then, I've kept my system
 updated with the latest 0.23 
> fixes and kept the hdhomerun updated with 
the latest firmware, but I have not found a 
> solution (or anyone else 
interested in finding one).  I think the problem is probably a lot 
> more 
common than the posts would suggest, but perhaps it hasn't gotten much 

> developer attention since it only involves live TV, which the developers
 detest.  If 
> anyone else has the same issue, or better yet has a 
solution, please reply to this thread 
> and maybe we can at least try and 
piece together what is going on.

I read your past thread with great interest and your guess that it is playing too close to "real time" is exactly what I was thinking...
Yes, my setup is pretty standard. I do have to recompile and reinstall the alsa code at each kernel change due to my nVidia GT-220 graphics card but besides that, pretty standard. And in any case, since it works perfectly fine when watching recorded material, it kinda indicates it's not a pure hardware/driver issue. I also get the same thing when using my remote frontend (an Acer Revo) so it's going through the network (gigabit) in both cases too (live and recorded).

We do _try_ to record everything we want to watch on a regular basis but sometimes we just get the urge to go watch something unplanned at the last minute. Yes we could go straight to the TV and bypass Myth completely but there is still value to being able to pause liveTV too.


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