[mythtv-users] Multiple Recording Instances - Many 376 B Recordings Recorded

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Wed Sep 29 05:20:05 UTC 2010

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Interesting, yes I got 1 or 2 files sized as 564B too, but 99% were 376 Bytes.
It seems you have answered one question, which is that upgrading is currently unlikely to make any difference.

Funny thing is it seems to be recording again, however I have zillions of small files records to delete via mythweb.  I suppose 
there is a better way to do it, but I don't know it.  (I suppose one can delete the sql records and delete the relevant files in the 
recordings directory, would that be enough?)

Not sure if this is relevant, the only other things outside the ordinary that happened was that the transition into daylight saving 
occured a couple of days preceeding, I may have some setting wrong as my listings were out an hour for 12 hours following the proper 
transition, yet the other local chaps did not experience the same.

I don't get why I have zillions of "number of reference frames exceeds max (probably corrupt input), discarding one" records for 
recording on the backend, I can understand these with playback on a FE, but when recording on the backend?  I presume that is 
outside the nvidia vdpau framework so the driver version shouldn't make any difference?

I also changed the antenna splitter / cable arrangement rationalising it to use a single splitter that takes the antenna feed 
directly into 2x2 500T tuners and 2 HDHomerun (1 to 6 splitter)  This might result in slightly higher signal levels, as the route 
previously traversed two layers of splitters.  I have trouble seeing how that might be related.

I also tried adding the following into /etc/hdparm.conf to get the drives to spin down....(I rebooted as the command to run up the 
new hdparm.conf settings didn't seem to work, so I rebooted.

    /dev/hdb {
    spindown_time = 120
    /dev/hdc {
    spindown_time = 120

Since the problem I commented them out and rebooted again.  Makes me wonder if some delay in spinning a drive up again might be a 
factor?  hda is the OS HDD, I left that alone, b and c are 2T HDD's.

Any reinforcement of common experiences here?

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