[mythtv-users] uPnP Problem

Andy Woolley andy at milonic.com
Tue Sep 28 08:01:20 UTC 2010

Hi All,


I've got a problem with uPnP in that I just cannot get it to work over the


I must admit that I am a bit of a newb and I'm struggling to know where to
start, I've been googling these last few days but found nothing that helps.


I have port 1900 open on the server, which is a Fedora 13 machine. Mythtv is
running file, can record, schedule, playback etc etc.


My question is, how can I start debugging this? - have a forgotten
something, I thought it was meant to work by default.


Oh, and I installed from source if that makes any difference.


Any help would be really appreciated.





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