[mythtv-users] FW: How to configure analogue video capture - Fusion HDTV DVB-T Plus

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Mon Sep 27 13:12:19 UTC 2010



Any help anyone?  Someone must have connected an analogue port on a DVB-T
card somewhere?



Kind Regards





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Here is what I have tried to date.


Under Capture Cards in the Backend I defined a new Card type: =
V4L:/dev/video0 "Capture card"

The probed info properly picks up the Divico Fusion Plus

Default input = S-Video


Under the Video Sources section I created a new source "Fusion Input"

Listings "No Grabber" thinking I am not wanting a program list from this

Channel Frequency Table = Default (again I was not sure how this applied to
a analogue input)


In the section "Connect Source to S-Video" I have associated  Video Source
S-Video to the Fusion Input


When I go to exit I get the warning "card type 2 (type s-video) is set to
start on a channel that does not exist however I have not set it to srat on
any channel that I can see and if I should what channel.


I cannot figure out the relationship between starting channel or Grabbers
with an analogue input?


Can anyone suggest the correct card type to use for a Fusion analogue input
and the prospered supporting settings?


It is possible to connect a Topfield PVR via its SCART auxiliary out port to
the Fusion analogue input?



Many Thanks



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