[mythtv-users] multiple TVs from one frontend

Joey Morris rjmorris at nc.rr.com
Mon Sep 27 03:43:32 UTC 2010

I want to feed Myth to TVs in four rooms of my house. Because I live
alone and use just one TV at a time, I'm thinking I can get by with a
single frontend box and a four-way HDMI splitter. Two of the TVs will
be close enough to the frontend that I could run an HDMI cable
directly from the splitter to the TV. The other two would probably
need an HDMI-over-Cat5/6 adaptor.

Does anyone have experience with this type of setup? Is it doable?
What are the pitfalls to watch out for? Would I be better off with a
separate frontend box at each TV? Since I don't really need
independent control of each TV, I was hoping to avoid the cost and
maintenance of four frontends if one is sufficient.


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