[mythtv-users] Power Line Network Connections and Myth ?

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sun Sep 26 17:57:34 UTC 2010

Hi Brian!

On 9/26/2010 1:31 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> So you would not have the problem of different outlets being on different "sides" of the neutral, such as we can have here
> in the US.

BTW, I am in Canada and we essentially have the same type or wiring system.

(The NEC is not exactly the same as the CEC but it is close enough...)

> So what works for you might have only a 50% chance of working for me, depending on whether the outlets I am trying to use
> are on the same side (phase) or not. Nicolas mentioned the same potential problem, and I think he is right, but I think I
> can set things up so that everything's on the same phase for me.
> I'm assuming this is what Nicolas meant by "phase", since very few homes have true 3-phase power wiring.

I'm no electrician but you usually have two phases in an house (you need 
two phases for your electrical stove and dryer which need 220/240V).

There are tricks that apparently couple both of them together (see 
http://kbase.x10.com/wiki/Phase_Coupling, please take its content with a 
grain of salt though since it's from X-10's wiki). That trick works with 
X-10 but should probably work for powerline as well...

One of the tricks is apparently to put a suitable size cap(acitor) 
between both phase... If you go that way I would suggest going with a 
professionnaly made product though...

> I guess it just boils down to buying some units, and making sure I can return them if they do not work for me in this
> application.

I would suggest you look at reviews before making your choice as they 
are apparently of varying quality...

> But if anyone can report success with particular units I can at least start by buying those, and if anyone has had bad
> results I can stay away from those.

The ones I tried were Netgear XAV101 which no longer exist I think... 
Only bad thing I have to report is that one of them lost its settings...

> It's still a crapshoot I think, as  so much in life is.
> Since at least one person (Tom) has reported success, I think I have at least a chance of things working.

It worked for me in SD, can't say anything about HD...

Have a nice day!


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