[mythtv-users] VLC replacement

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Fri Sep 24 11:32:06 UTC 2010


On 9/23/2010 4:33 PM, Calvin Harrigan wrote:
> I'm looking for a replacement for VLC.  I've been using VLC for a while
> now, completely configured and integrated into my system, lirc, the
> works. I find that it has become a little bit too picky when it comes to
> playing certain files, no fast forwards, jumps back to the beginning on

I know that, the last time I checked, VLC had trouble playing files 
recorded by my PVR-150 or PVR-500 when the subtitles were activated.

It apparently is/was unable to deal with the way the subtitles are 
encoded and exhibit(ed) at least some of the problems you described.

Have a nice day!


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