[mythtv-users] Encoder disappears

Yann Lehmann aristide at vtxmail.ch
Thu Sep 23 11:59:23 UTC 2010

On 23.09.2010 12:04, barbex wrote:
> Initially everything worked fine but now I seem to lose Encoder 1
> fairly often. If I look at my backend through mythweb only Encoder 2
> and 3 show up and the schedule has rearranged itself around that. If I
> then start the myth backend setup and close it again without touching
> anything Encoder 1 comes back and stays. Although once I lost it in
> the middle of the day, it was there after booting and gone when it was
> supposed to record something.

Does your system "go to sleep" when it is idle ?

Sometimes, my pvrs (1x 500 and 1x 150) produce only garbage after resuming 
from suspend.

Stopping the backend-daemon, un- and reload the ivtv-drivers and restart the 
backend-daemon usually solves the problem (and as I have plans to move to 
other hardware and upgrade the system, currently Kubuntu 8.04 and MythTV 
0.21, I didn't look after a better "solution" yet).


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