[mythtv-users] AT&T UVerse thoughts?

Gregg 3gemail at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 16:14:04 UTC 2010

>>> Hey, everybody--
>>> I know some folks are using AT&T Uverse with MythTV. Anyone have any
>>> reports? Good? Bad?
>>> I'm thinking of switching.
>>> Thanks!
>>>    ===Blake===
>> Hi,
>> I have had U-verse for 8 months.  It was cheaper that DirecTV and looks
>> better to me.  It is an IPTV system so you have to use their box.
>>  Controlling it is not great with a blaster since it likes to put up
>> messages every now and then which will not go away unless you hit OK.  Note,
>> you always have to send an OK before sending the channel numbers since it
>> may be in screen saver mode.  I would say I miss 2 or 3 recordings a week
>> due to some problem with this or just a bad channel change.  I use an HD-PVR
>> to do the capture and that works fine.
>> Let me know if you have any other questions.
> I have some questions.
> U-Verse is IPTV (As you said), and uses the Motorola VIP1200 boxes
> (IIRC). I know Sasktel does the same, and with Sasktel I can get my
> Myth box to pretend to be one of the issued Set-Top boxes and tune
> some (most) of the IPTV streams from the DSLAM. I was wondering if you
> could take a look at what format the U-Verse system uses. If it's
> simply a matter of getting the right handshake to emulate the U-Verse
> box, it would be a big step forward in quality, compatibility and
> ease-of-use.
> To begin with, something like a WireShark capture of network traffic
> when the box is plugged into the wall, and when surfing a few
> channels, would be invaluable.
> *mutter* it might also inspire someone to look into the "bind IPTV
> Tuner to a single interface" bug/feature request I've had for a while
> now */mutter*
> --
> Robert "Anaerin" Johnston

I still have uverse and yes the picture quality Stinks.  I just have
not had a chance to switch back to cable.  I did try the wire shark
and it appears that the channels are encrypted.  Is is beyond my
knowledge on how to spoof the box, it looks like it is assigned to MAC
address. here is an example udp string.


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