[mythtv-users] Cam emulators and myth?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Sep 22 11:25:42 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 09:46 +0100, Simon Hobson wrote: 
> Since there are effectively no penalties for making false takedown 
> requests, it's a nice way for people to cripple sites they disapprove 
> of.

Not true.  A false take-down notice is perjury and a violation of the
DMCA and subject to penalties.


> Thus, discussion of using a CAM module (or equivalent) is off-limits 
> because under the DMCA discussion of such is illegal - or at least is 
> likely to be.

I'm not sure what discussion exactly you are referring to, but how does
the DMCA cover legitimate use?  TBH, I barely have a passing
understanding of CAMs, but is *all* use of CAMs illegal?  Are they made
exclusively to violate content protections or are there legitimate uses
for them in conjunction with MythTV?

> In most cases, the terms of use of the module/viewing 
> card/whatever restricts the use to approved equipment

To be sure, IANAL, but I don't think the DMCA can be used to enforce a

> But 
> it doesn't have to actually be illegal - just the fact that it 
> **could** be is enough for someone to get the servers shutdown with a 
> DMCA takedown notice.

Which of course is wrong and subject to a counter-notice and potential
penalties, etc.


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