[mythtv-users] Question about manual scheduling and key bindings with 0.23

James MacKenzie mst3000 at newsguy.com
Tue Sep 21 00:12:51 UTC 2010

Hi...I have been using MythTV for about 4 years now, through quite a few

I got used to the key bindings on my remote and how they worked in every
version up to 0.21.  I skipped version 0.22 and went straight to 0.23, so I am
not sure when they changed, but...

I've got the Hauppauge remote.  I used to be able to hit the left button in
the middle of the remote to go "back" from anywhere...it was basically a
duplicate of the "back" key.  Also, 3 used to work just about anywhere to
scroll up a screen and 9 went down a screen.  These no longer work when
displaying the stored media files.

I'm figuring I could potentially go in and edit the keys, but was wondering
whether anyone else had already done this and has a file they could share?

Even more troubling is the way the manual recording works now.  Once you get
to 23-hundred hours and click right, which USED to take you to the next day at
00-hours, the cursor just goes over to the minutes.  Is there ***ANY*** way to
get the previous functionality, or is this something that is now completely
lost because of the code changes to switch from GTK to QT?

Sorry for all the questions...but any information would be great.

PS, thanks for the help with the HDTV recording problem...I'm going to try
those things shortly, as soon as I'm done with recordings for the night.


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