[mythtv-users] Transcoding HD-PVR Recordings

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 20:37:32 UTC 2010

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 3:39 PM, Doug Vaughan <r.d.vaughan at rogers.com> wrote:
> John and Kirk,
>    I regularly edit and transcode HDPVR recordings. There are some
> restrictions which may not suit you but here is what I do.
> 1) I locked my STB to 1280x720p output. This keeps the recording size down
> but allows me to reliably use a video editor.
> 2) I use a compiled version of Avidemux 2.4 as I found at least the Ubuntu
> packaged version could not handle the audio AC3 tracks. Avidemux has not
> worked for me with 1920x1080i HDPVR recordings. I have reliably edited up to
> 8Gb files if the 1280x720p restriction is adheared to. Although I rarely
> record more than 6Gb HDPVR file.
> 3) I edit the HDPVR recording as needed then save as an avi with copy audio
> and copy video settings.
> 4) I run a ffmpeg copying the audio and video tracks to change the container
> from avi to mkv. This also sets a seek table that reliably works with the
> MythTV internal player.
> 5) If you want to transcode the mkv file use HandBrake either the GUI or the
> CLI. I have several presets for various sizes of transcoded video. Handbrake
> already has iPod presets that you can use. I transcode the output to mkv
> files. If you want to use the cli then you can cut and paste their iPod
> presets from the GUI. That was my starting point when building my customized
> presets.
> 6) Occasionally the audio can be out of sync which I correct with a feature
> of MKV File Creator GUI. MKV File Creator will not accept the HDPVR
> recordings directly you need to at least change their container type with a
> ffmpeg copy.
> As I can write python and bash scripts, outside of the manual editing or
> audio resync, the whole process has been automated. I even initiate the
> process as a right click script in Nautilus. The transcoding occurs as an
> overnight cron job.
> This would not be what everyone would want but has worked well for my needs
> almost two years now.
> Doug
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Thanks for the info Doug.  I'll have to check out these programs /
scripts (again, in some cases), but I think your response kind of goes
along with what I've found so far with my searching.  Namely that
there just doesn't seem to be a simple, straightforward way to handle
HD-PVR recordings, at least at this point.  Maybe further responses
will prove me wrong on this count.  I guess it really comes down to
how much time and effort I can and will put into learning how these
other programs work and then getting them to work properly.

Thanks again,

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