[mythtv-users] SVN, Odd LiveTV Behavior

Nasa nasa01 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 19 21:23:56 UTC 2010


with a fairly recent version of SVN (Revision: 26385) I have noticed some strange stuff with
LiveTV.  Specifically, when I attempt to start it.  Generally what has been happening is that
the "please wait" dialog box will display longer than I have patience for...  After multiple
killing of mythfrontend and/or staring a recorded show, I can get it to work. I have checked
the logs and can't make/see anything wrong in them.  The logs are located here: 


I am using VDPAU for the decoding and Analog/Firewire as my inputs (analog is what the tuner 
defaults to).  

Has anyone else seen this?

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