[mythtv-users] mythvideo transcode fails

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Sep 19 19:24:55 UTC 2010

  On 09/18/2010 09:35 PM, Steve Greene wrote:
> Transcode fails on importing dvd's (several different titles), only when
> saving to "Excellent" or "Good".  When I run the transcode command under
> sudo, it returns an error with a divx5 library.  Using Mythbuntu 10.04
> and the JYA repositories.  Is this a known bug?

mtd (the part that's used to import DVDs into MythTV) has been removed.  
It had a lot of problems and, really, there are better tools for the 
job.  So, the recommendation is to find some other DVD ripper and use it.


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