[mythtv-users] Adding RTSP source to mythbackend

Gert gertk at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 19 18:07:34 UTC 2010

Raymond Wagner schreef:
>  On 9/19/2010 06:05, Gert wrote:
>> Since gnutv is the only program on my Mythbuntu system which is able 
>> to receive/record from the firedtv + irdeto ci-module with smartcard 
>> card in my system and output in several formats like rtsp, udp or 
>> even stdout to a pipe I was thinking of the folowing solution:
> It seems there are Linux drivers to allow the card to function as a 
> normal DVB device within the Linux video capture API.
> http://firesat.kurelid.se/
> Is there any reason you can't just use these, and then access the card 
> natively in MythTV?
Hi Raymond,

Yes, the card is natively usable from within Mythtv but only the 
unecrypted channels work. I have tried to apply the patches on the 
firedtv forum to see if it would make any difference but Ubuntu has some 
bug in their kernel-headers and/or kernel-source which keeps it from 
recompiling. Googling just gives lots and lots of hits on firedtv and 
ubuntu but show only how to deactivate the firedtv module so it does not 
interfere with all the other v4l modules which everyone else seem to 
need :-)

GnuTV tunes the card and activates the CA module and smartcard the 
correct way and all channels I have paid for are visible and recordable. 
So I thought it would be a snap to just use gnutv as recorder but I see 
no way to incorporate it in mythtv. The channelchanger script would be 
usable to preset the firedtv tuner with gnutv but then I need to pipe 
the output of the card back to mythtv. GnuTV can even be given a timeout 
value in seconds so it can record entirely on its own.

It would be nice if there was a general 'external recorder' option in 
mythtv which could call a custom script with the required channel and 
recording time and required filename for example. I had hoped that the 
Mythtv 'Import Recorder' option was usable for this but I could not find 
information what it does or how it works.

The French Freebox uses the rtsp protocol but it also uses some playlist 
system to select a channel.


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