[mythtv-users] Just got back to a Myth box

Stephen Atkins satkins at inetdesign.org
Sat Sep 18 00:46:01 UTC 2010

Hello everyone.  Well after a year dealing with Tivo I've decided my 
wife isn't the ruler of the house and we're going back to a Myth box! 
BTW yes I am sleeping with one eye open now:)

I've been trying to find some info on these atom processors and how well 
they might work with myth to do both a front and back end.  I currently 
have a Asus AT3N7A-I which is a Atom 330 1.6Ghz dual core with nVidia 
Ion graphics.

I can receive three OTA HD channels and a few old school SD channels 
(I'm in Canada).  So I'm just wondering if this thing can handle it or 
am I going to need some more power?  If it can does anyone have some 
settings that would optimize it?

Thanks in advance.


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