[mythtv-users] SSDs and Myth frontends ?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 18:23:06 UTC 2010

Brian Wood wrote:

>BTW - cloning a drive to a smaller one is not as simple as moving to 
>a larger drive. I suspect that as more people move to
>SSDs, which will tend to be smaller than the source drives, this 
>problem will become more obvious. The simple DD approach
>causes problems with the partition table sizes, not a problem when 
>moving to a larger drive, just resize them after the DD
>copy, but that won't work in the move to a smaller drive. It can be 
>done, but is more complicated.

Personally, and it **is** a matter of personal preference, I'd not 
normally* consider using dd to clone a disk.
I'd partition the drive (taking the opportunity to adjust the sizes), 
make new filesystems, and then copy the files.

* There are exceptions, like when the disk is in some proprietary 
format as in my colour laser printer.
Simon Hobson

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