[mythtv-users] "Error opening jump program file" from Clientmachines with Live TV

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Fri Sep 17 17:04:15 UTC 2010

On 9/17/2010 7:17 AM, Anthony Rooney wrote:
> I get the "Error opening jump program file" when I try to run Live TV 
> to connect to the backend system which has the tuner attached. If I go 
> to the Backend system and run the front end application and connect to 
> a known good channel it all works fine and I can change channels OK. 
> If I go to one of either of the other client systems on the network I 
> briefly see the channel information for half a second before getting 
> the "Error opening jump program file". I was previously able to 
> connect every time using Live TV to the backend system until I 
> installed Shepherd EPG software with Australia XMLTV. This software is 
> running fine but may have stuffed my client server functionality.
> What on earth does this error "Error opening jump program file" mean 
> and why is it so debilitating to completely stop both client machines 
> which previously worked fine from ever running Live TV. I cannot get 
> any advice or assistance to troubleshoot this error yet it has 
> completely broken the client server functionality. This is a widely 
> reported issue which the MythTv experts have little to suggest to 
> troubleshoot.
> I have had feedback that " MythTV cannot read from the file that 
> contains the video" & "That's it is more likely a socket-related issue 
> that's causing the frontend to fail to read the recording data" but I 
> am trying to run Live TV not read an existing recording. I’m unaware 
> how the network client runs Live TV; does it stream video over

Watching "live tv" is in fact recording and playing back the same file. 
That is how you get the pause and rewind features.

> the wire or read data from the backend server HD or from memory on the 
> backend system? I tried to report it as a bug on the bug channel but 
> some “Expert” told me to go away and that I need to log on this forum. 
> How can this not be a bug I ask? I am doing nothing except trying to 
> use the software as designed so where is the assistance and 
> suggestions to troubleshoot? How can you be so divorced from the users 
> that you are designing a system for?
Probably you need to research the issue a bit before you classify it as 
a bug. Searching past posts on this list and posting questions here is a 
good way to start that process. The developers are overworked and 
totally unpaid so it stands to reason that they don't want everyone 
submitting bug reports on every issue they encounter. You need to do the 
"due diligence" in proving a bug exists and not just expect that the 
devs should spend their time analyzing stacks of bug reports.
> I am curious how my system could develop a “socket issue” across a 
> network that previously worked fine. I presume something has changed 
> within the backend system as it is unlikely that BOTH client machines 
> changed simultaneously. Please advice me where I sould begin to look 
> for errors? What config setting might be out?

Have you checked the mythtv logs? Perhaps it is related to Shepherd EPG 
software that you installed when it broke...
> I’m curious why those who developed MythTv could have such rigid bug 
> reporting rules that are not able to see the solution from the 
> perspective of the end user trying to get the solution to work 
> according to its specifications.
> I would suggest such a catastrophic error needs to be addressed and I 
> await some suggestions.

I would suggest a less demanding tone from you would get more assistance 
from the good people on this list.

I don't know what the problem is and it's a lot of work to research it 
for you without info on your setup, system and versions, troubleshooting 
steps that you've taken, pertinent log entries, etc.

Try again with more info. The less emotional your post is the more 
likely you will get help.

Good luck!


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