[mythtv-users] Multi-Input Cards

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Sep 15 20:47:07 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 15 September 2010 14:39:34 mike at grounded.net wrote:
> > I'm not sure I'd buy anything that wasn't HD capable these days, unless
> > it was for an application I was certain would
> > never be used with HD (security cameras come to mind, but even some of
> > them are HD these days).
> I've not found any HD encoder cards but then I've not been looking for
> those at the moment, I was trying to get some of my SD needs covered.

The only device that can encode baseband HD that I'm aware of is the HD-PVR. I 
mean that's affordable and works with Myth.

Other "HD" cards simply take the already-encoded stream from ATSC, QAM or 
other source and demodulate it for storage on disk.

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