[mythtv-users] What's the best Linux variant to use for a full wipe and reload?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Sep 12 23:44:25 UTC 2010

On Sunday, September 12, 2010 05:28:23 pm Michael Jones wrote:
> I'm currently planning a full wipe and reload of my main MythTV backend (no
> frontend on this box) while Preserving my current recordings and database.
> I and would like some advice/insights on changing (or not) the strategy
> I've been using for several years (since .16 or .17 if I recall).
> I'm currently running a Dual Xeon 2.4 under FC 8 and .21-fixes.  The system
> has  1TB of recording space, 1TB for Videos, and a couple other 1TB & 1.5TB
> Drives for general network storage.  I have 2 frontends running in other
> rooms - but may be adding a 3rd sometime in the near future.   The system
> currently houses 2 standard cable tuner cards (Hauppauge 150 and a 250).
> Channel changing is done with a 2 port IR blaster (the one that came with
> the Microsoft USB IR system) to the 2 small digital converters from the
> cable company.  The system is running well, and we've been happy with it -
> but now it's getting old and out-dated.
> I have been running Fedora for many years and am very used to the OS (I
> have a couple of other systems running FC12), but would be willing to
> change if there's good reason to do so.  I've always installed everything
> (myth and otherwise) from pre-compiled binaries and would prefer to
> continue doing so, again.. unless there's good reason to do otherwise.
> What is the popular OS now for a primary backend?   Is there  a better/more
> supported OS to build this system on?
> Any recommendations, insights, suggestions, otherwise would be appreciated.
> I'd like to do this in the best "forward-looking" way possible.

IMHO the best distro or OS (a distro is just a prepackaged version of a partucular OS) is the one you are familiar with.

Myth can be made to run with just about any Linux variant these days. There is no "best", but a system you are familiar 
with will be easier to set up and get running, and diagnose problems with.

It's like asking "what's the best color for an automobile?". In spite of Henry Ford's remark, there really is no answer. 
(He ultimately chose black, because he could buy black paint cheaper than the other original 3 colors the Model-T was 
available in).

Of course you might decide to learn and become familiar with with a Linux variant you have not worked with before, in 
order to gain experience.

Or you might decide to drive a purple polka-dot car, just to see what it's like.

Only you can decide.

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