[mythtv-users] CF card adapter Hard Drive

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Wed Sep 8 22:52:17 UTC 2010

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>>> I have an IDE to CF adaptor but I discovered that not all CF cards can be made bootable, the only one I have that's bootable is 
>>> 8MB, barely big enough for a modern kernel and guaranteed bootable CF cards are rather expensive.
>> I thought all CF drives can be made to boot as they are mere passive devices storing data, including boot files.  Not all CF 
>> adapters are bootable though, although I think most are.

>That's what I thought, I know my adaptor can boot because I pulled it out of an old firewall machine which had the whole system on 
>an 8MB CF. It will boot with a 1GB CF I have but that's very small and also very slow, the 4GB 133x CF I have doesn't boot but 
>seems entirely readable once the system is booted from CD or HDD. Very odd as the adaptor is entirely passive, maybe there is some 
>PC bios mode issue, I thought I had it working with the bios forced to PIO4 and no DMA but although the install seemed to go ok it 
>didn't boot.

>Strangely Amazon paired the same Kingston Elite Pro 133x card I have with the Startech adaptor, I guess they don't know any better 

I use a number of 8G Kingston 133x Elite Pro's, which you imply you are using and failing - I suggest a clean re-install deleting 
the existing image and also not installing swap space, and other measures - search the mythtvnz list for further instructions. 

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