[mythtv-users] Do GeForce GT220s run hot? Was rebooting my system on anything above VDAPUA slim.

Gabe Rubin gaberubin at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 22:19:47 UTC 2010


I put in a GeForce GT220 with 1 GB of memory (Asus ENGT220, which has
a fan) in my new combined FE/BE.  I had one of the case fans connected
to my motherboard, but because I could only connect one chassis fan to
the motherboard (I also have the cpu fan plugged in and the PSU has a
fan) and in an effort to keep the system quiet, I decided not to plug
the other two fans to the PSU using an adapter that came with my case.
 This would have the motherboard running at around 50C during playback
(sensors reports that 45 is high and 75 is critical).

When I tried playing back HD (but not SD video), it would reboot the
system using VDPAU High or Normal (although it takes longer to reboot
with Normal), but I could playback fine with VDPAU Slim.  I figured
that the GPU is probably running hot so I opened the case and
connected the other two fans.  The motherboard temp now seems to never
get above 42C and averages 40C.  I can't find the temperature of the
GPU because NVClock does not support this card.

My preference would be to not run 3 case fans, a PSU fan, and a CPU
fan.  It seems like a lot of unneeded noise and power consumption.  I
specifically got a sempron chip for this computer to make it run
cooler and quieter.  At the same time, I wanted to use all the bells
and whistles of the highest quality VDPAU playback, otherwise, I would
have just gotten a board with a 9XXX series onborad graphics.  Can
anyone recommend a different card that may run cooler and is the 1GB
of memory overkill and going to run hotter than a 512MB board?  I
realize I can replace the case fans with quieter fans, but that is not

Another question, is there a way to slow down the fans connected
directly to the PSU when the computer is at a lower temperature?  I
know that there are ways to do this with fans connected to the
motherboard, but not sure these ones.  I don't mind the fans spinning
during playback because I can only hear them when the room is quiet.

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