[mythtv-users] upgrade a m-1000 mini itx for HD

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 15:01:33 UTC 2010

> I have a via mini itx m-1000 which has 1gig processor and 1 gig memory this
> is housed in morex 2699 case and runs off 60w power supply.
> PCI 8400gs
> Would HD play ok?

My Via Epia was unable to use VDPAU because the CPU lacked the CMOV
instruction. A Nehemiah/Esther CPU is required to get CMOV and thus
VDPAU. One way to check would be to look at the kernel you're running
-- i686 should be good for VDPAU, but i386/i486/i586/Cyrix/Samuel/Ezra
("Eden") is not.

You may not need VDPAU, though, The UniChrome graphics built-in to
your Via board comes in two flavors, one of which is limited to SD,
the other of which can play HD. So if you have the right one, you
should be able to play HD content with somewhat less than 100% CPU. I
don't believe UniChrome + XvMC supports all of the fancy deinterlacers
that VDPAU does, but when outputting to an SD TV, onefield should be

Anyway, I ended up replacing my Via Epia board with a 1.4GHz P3 with
PCI 8400GS, and that combo works great, albeit with higher power
consumption (60W power supply browned out, upgrading to 80W fixed it).

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