[mythtv-users] Error upgrading database schema from 1214 to 1215

Will C dontspamme at will.is-a-geek.org
Sat Sep 4 08:23:08 UTC 2010

> After the upgrade, mythtv-backend and mythtv-setup both fail while trying
> to upgrade the database schema from version 1214 to 1254. It appears that
> the failure occurs in the first incremental upgrade, from 1214 to 1215.
> Here is the output of mythtv-setup:

I have solved this. It turned out to be very stupid, and neither a software 
bug nor a database corruption issue, but rather a system configuration 
problem. My /tmp directory was filling up during the part of the 1215 -> 
1216 schema upgrade where it "tested" the database for character set 
related corruption.

The only way I figured this out was going to the source code and piecing 
together the SQL commands that myth was trying to execute, then manually 
trying those same commands and seeing where they failed. As soon as I saw 
the actual mysql error message, I realized what the culprit was. For some 
stupid reason, the /tmp directory on this system was a small tmpfs. I got 
rid of that and everything worked fine.

Myth 0.23.1 now appears to be running smoothly on my system.

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