[mythtv-users] Who's going to be the first?

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 13:43:41 UTC 2010

On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 8:23 AM, digid myth <digidmyth at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am going to order one, I currently do not have an apple TV, but this looks
> interesting.
> I am a Unix geek from way back, anyone remember the 3B2, and NCR Towers? I
> have a linux server at the house that backs up all of our Mac's, does other
> server stuff and runs Myth which we enjoy. We use it to watch all or movies,
> and OTA recordings. That said, we are also an apple household. Multiple
> Mac's, ipods, iphones, ipad's etc. When you spend your day running down
> computer problems, it is nice to come home and not have to deal with Windows
> computers not working. The Mac's just work, and my family enjoys the tight
> integration of all the software with the apple devices. We all use iTunes to
> handle our music, and Myth for video. I have no plans to replace our MythTV
> setup with this thing, but it would be nice to stream music to it. For
> 100.00 it is just another toy, but it does have possibilities.
> Don't knock the Apple products! Yes they cost more, but most good things in
> live do. Everyone that I know that has switched to a Mac loves it, and would
> not consider going back to a Microsoft world. I Love linux for my servers,
> and would not give that up, but for the workstation there is no other good
> solution in my mind.

I think bastardised BSD is the work everyone i looking for....  It's
funny how someone (Jobs) had the insight to take a completely free
license and take advantage of it..  If his original partner (Gates)
would have not pissed him off, they could both have a (base) OS that
is stable  :)

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