[mythtv-users] Who's going to be the first?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Sep 2 15:02:18 UTC 2010

On Thursday, September 02, 2010 08:18:11 am Atlantageek wrote:
> > .
> > 
> > Nobody wants to keep trying to hit a moving target, which is what
> > Hulu has become.
> Were doing without cable and hulu is great for a lot of content.
> I'm considering huluplus.
> > Apple doesn't want to work with any existing providers, they want to
> > supplant them. They are becoming more Microsoftish
> > every day.
> They support netflix

They do.


Do you get Netflix for no additional cost over your basic Netflix account? Or does Apple add some sort of surcharge onto it?

IOW, if I spend $99 for the Apple device is there any additional cost involved with watching Netflix over what I'm already 
paying? If there is not, it's just a Roku with a (probably) better UI, and Apple makes nothing.

Netflix is available for many devices: most popular game consoles, Mac and Windows PCs, many Blu-Ray players and dedicated 
devices like the Roku.

For many people the Apple device may simply be a way to get over the hurdle of getting their TV set connected to a 
computer, and setting up a remote control. This is what prevents may non-technical people from watching internet TV.

I guess $99 might be a decent price to jump that hurdle, but paying more for content is an ongoing problem.

I also suspect that many people trying to use WiFi for their AppleTV will discover the limitations to that technology. 
Again, Apple may be counting on infrastructure that's not up to the task.

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