[mythtv-users] RHEL6-Beta and QTWebKit

Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Thu Oct 28 18:21:13 UTC 2010

Hi Greg,

On Sat, 2010-09-18 at 11:46 -0500, Greg Oliver wrote:
> Just a heads up to anyone who is going to play with EL6 beta..  It is
> quite nice, but the folks at redhat are apparently in limbo still
> about their stance on which webkit/KHTML/whatever you wanna call it -
> they are going to package from now on, so they left webkit out of
> their qt build.  No other repos have qt builds that include it, and
> since there are 0 google'ings about it, I just though I would share
> how to fix it..

Actually there is a bugzilla bug filed for it which resulted in the
removal of webkit support, but it is non-disclosed which may hint at a
security related issue.

I'm quite confident that RHEL6 will ship with webkit support enabled.

> You have to download and install the source rpm, and edit the spec
> file - the webkit line is commented out..  Just rebuild it and install
> it..  Makes mythui rpm happy again..

Thanks for the tip, there are mythtv rpms for RHEL6, but 0.23.x and
trunk builds available at ATrpms now.

> I started this all since atrpms has all of the myth pieces for
> el6beta, and I could not get grub2 to install on centos5.5 from a
> chroot (gpt issues) (while keeping my running system intact) for the
> life of me (cannot boot my hardware from the install iso either).  I
> scoured for hours looking for a qtwebkit library with no luck, so I
> finally had to resort to this...

But it took ages and tons of memory to build ... ;)
http://thimm.gr/ - http://ATrpms.net/
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