[mythtv-users] Flag commercials queue getting pretty long

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 27 20:00:14 UTC 2010

Mark Hutchinson wrote:
> I have F13 and .23 recording from an HD-PVR working very well.  Just set 
> this up a couple of weeks ago.
> When I look at the mythweb status page, I can see the job queue for 
> "flag commercials" getting pretty long.  Up to about 40 or 50 long now 
> and growing.
> Obviously not keeping up.  Quad core ( 8 with HT ) and 12 gigs ram, so 
> its not that.  I can see mythcommflag always in the #1 spot in top, but 
> what could be causing this ever increasing queue?
> It does look like the jobs work.  I see searching for logo, then 
> Xpercent completed at usually around 66fps.
> Ideas?

Might try turning up the wick a bit. iirc, there is a setting 
(somewhere) for CPU usage [low/med/hi] and how many jobs to run at a 
time... (might be transcoding, not commflag though. crs is a bitch)
I use med and 2 jobs running, on my wimpy core2 with 2 gig and get 
250-300 fps and no impact on frontend stuff.

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