[mythtv-users] HD-PVR Recording Profiles

Ray Parrish rparrish at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 18:23:22 UTC 2010

I installed the HD-PVR earlier this year before I had sufficient CPU
or GPU power to play back recordings with great quality. At that time,
I left the recording profiles alone. The only change I made was to
decrease the bitrate on 720p recordings (medium resolution?) so that
they were playable with the processing power available. Since then, I
have installed a GT220 and wish to take full advantage of its playback

When I enter the frontend menu to change the playback profiles, I can
set the default profile back to the original settings with avg bitrate
9000kbps and max 11000kbps. When I exit the recording profiles menu,
the frontend closes with a segmentation fault. If I go back to that
menu, it shows that the default profile has the bitrate settings I

However, when recordings are made with the default profile (almost all
of my rules use it), it does not appear to be using the correct
bitrate settings. I use MediaInfo to report video bitrates of the
recent recordings, and it reports the video bitrate of my recordings
are around 4000kbps. That's where I had the slider set before I
installed the new video card.

I am running 0.23-fixes from mythbuntu.

How do I fix this problem? Does it require a surgical modification of
the database?

I also want to head off any comments of "just point the record rules
to an untouched profile."


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