[mythtv-users] Zotac D510 ION barebones on Newegg 2010-10-21

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 14:15:46 UTC 2010

On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Thursday, October 21, 2010 07:41:02 am Steven Adeff wrote:
>> > BTW, that second link was for a Samsung SSD.
>> it's a link to their shell shocker page, which at current is that
>> Samsung SSD, but at 10AM PST it will be this Zotac box (which is why I
>> linked the box product page directly as well)
> I just got an email from them for "E-Blast Insiders", but without that deal. Perhaps I'll get the "Shell Shocker" mail
> later.
> Honestly, all this screwy marketing really makes me want to deal with a more conventional vendor, even if I have to pay a
> little more. I'll usually buy from N/E only if I can't find the item elsewhere (like I just bought some Kingston 800Mhz.
> DDR2 RAM that was guaranteed to run at 1066Mhz., and it did, perhaps the giant heatsinks help, but I could not find it
> anywhere else.
> One "reviewer" complained that the "blue" heatsinks were more like purple. Come on people, this is RAM, what sort of idiot
> would complain about the H/S color shade?
> Answer: teenage gamers, which is who N/E seems to target.

yes, but their prices are great, especially when they have sales.
Their customer support is also top notch, and the website is easy to
navigate and you can at least search through the reviews, and I'd
rather have a lot of reviews with the occasional gamer perspective
than no reviews.

I'm a big fan of the newegg.

>> > $169 is in fact a great price, though I have heard stories of major
>> > problems getting MIRs from NewEgg. Usually I just stay away from any MIR
>> > deal, and stick with vendors who don't engage in that sort of crappy
>> > marketing.
>> I've done a few of Neweggs MIR's and never had a problem. Some
>> manufacturer rebates though... (like Asus who refused to accept the
>> rebate I sent in and then said I needed to resend it, including the
>> UPC code, which I already mailed them and so thus could not send it
>> again. ARRGGGHHH)
> MIRs should be illegal IMHO. Many of the fullfillment outfits hired to administer them get to keep whatever is not paid out,
> seems like an incentive to screw people.


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