[mythtv-users] need suggestions for remote for frontend

Ryan Duffy dusteur at excite.com
Tue Oct 19 18:55:39 UTC 2010

>You didn't get an mceusb-compatible receiver, which is what the suggestion is. You got one of the pure HID receivers. They decode in hardware 
>and send HID events, some of which X knows what to do with natively (thus volume, numbers and a few others working). This device *is* usable 
>with lirc using its devinput driver, or using eventlircd or inputlirc. 

I got one of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Emprex-3009URF-Windows-Center-Control/dp/tech-data/B002A8HEFY/ref=de_a_smtd
Unfortunately there appears to be 2 types of this controller. As far as I can work out, one of them just got support added to the kernel for 2.6.35. The one I've got doesn't appear to be the same as it shows up different device names than expected. 

However your response makes it sound as if this should make no difference and it should just work anyway. 

Can you explain how? I tried setting up lirc using devinput (which is what I used for my old remote that plugs into the TV card). I got some keys showing up in irw but most were missing - i.e. nothing happens when I press the keys apart from the aforementioned. I tried following various guides but with no luck, and I set up the original controller years ago so have no idea how I did it previously. I'm probably doing something stupid but it really isn't obvious what.

I'd prefer to make the controller I have work. Otherwise I'll have to throw it away and get a new one. I'm reluctant on the PS3 controller as I don't have a bluetooth receiver so I'd have to buy one of those as well, and also it doesn't quite seem to be plug and play. 

Can I get an mceusb-compatible receiver that will work with my old remote? If so, can someone suggest one so I don't buy the wrong thing again.

Surely there are other controllers out there that just work? There sure seems to be a lot of people on this list using frontend-only who must have hit this precise problem. 


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