[mythtv-users] Two tuner sticks unstable together - need help

Greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Sun Oct 17 22:28:55 UTC 2010

  On 10/17/2010 05:45 PM, Sven Bretfeld wrote:
> Hi Bill
> Bill Meek<keemllib at gmail.com>  writes:
>> On Sun, 2010-10-17 at 09:54 +0200, Sven Bretfeld wrote:
>>> You can put it at: http://pastebin.ca/upload.php and post
>> I looked over the log you pasted.  A busy 2 seconds, to be sure.
>> Assuming that this was still with -v all.
> Thank you very much.
>> Past posts discussed /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 (and adapter1),
>> but the one referenced in the pastbin is /dev/dvb/adapter101/frontend0.
>> It looks like work done with udev rules, which is fine, however I'd
>> expect the same paths in mythtv-setup.
> Yes, I made an udev-rule, following the respective instructions on
> mythtv-wiki.
>> There appeared to be some EIT activity that was duplicated.  You might
>> try shutting EIT scanning off on the cards and channels temporarily.
>> Then turn it back on one (if required.)
> I will try that and post the result here.
>> If the lines starting at 195 continue to repeat at failure time, I'd
>> lean toward a database problem.  While I'd hate to drop a database,
>> Greg's backup/recreate suggestion seems perfectly reasonable.
> I even think reinstalling the system might be less work. I cannot find
> an easy Mythtv related howto.
>>> Deleting all sources and setting them up freshly from scratch helps, but
>>> only for another one or two hours.
>> If you haven't already, check /var/log/syslog for card related errors.
> I took a glance into syslog without recognizing anything remarkable. But
> I will try what you suggest below.
> Thanks again
> Sven
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   Here is the web page that explains how to backup and restore...It's 
pretty easy to do, and we have the author of that script (Mike 
Dean)posting here on a regular basis..So that is a plus... Just ask if 
you need any help...


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