[mythtv-users] Changing permissions of recorded files.

Chris Capon ttabyss at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 00:32:29 UTC 2010

Is there a way to change what permissions the mythtv-backend puts on
recording files it creates?

Currently, they are only read/writable by the mythtv user and I'd like
them to be readable by the mythtv group as well.

ab at cde:/hd/video$ l -d mythtv
drwxrwxrwx 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 Oct 15 17:10 mythtv/
ab at cde:/hd/video$ l mythtv
total 8132112
-rw------- 1 mythtv mythtv 8319043588 Oct 15 17:07 2091_20101015160000.mpg
-rw-rw-rw- 1 mythtv mythtv      91987 Oct 15 17:00 2091_20101015160000.mpg.png
ab at cde:/hd/video$

Much thanks.

MythTv v0.23.1, Debian Testing

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