[mythtv-users] How MANY backend threads!?!?!?

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Oct 14 21:35:38 UTC 2010

On Oct 14, 2010, at 5:17 PM, Steve Smith wrote:

> 20 year old apis? That'll be 8086? Mpeg?
> I think this is a symptom of the BE getting too monolithic. A more
> modular approach would enable more flexibility without having to be
> always playing catchup.

As the saying goes, "patches welcomed". Write up patches implementing said modular approach, file a ticket with them attached, and they'll be considered. If enough people like them, you could get your wish. Otherwise, find another windmill to tilt at. :)

> I've mentioned in a previous thread how it'd
> be good to have a core protocol for basic functions so you can use
> older FE with a new BE and still get basic functions.
> But heh it's not my project and i dont have time to wade through the
> code trying to backport the bits in the 23 BE that i want to 21.

And conversely, the developers don't have time to make sure mythtv runs optimally on every single hardware setup out there. Optimizing for really old hardware isn't a priority for any of the developers. Nor is core protocol backwards-compatibility. Once again, "patches welcomed" applies here. Show a working example of a backwards-compat implementation, and if it actually works, doesn't impose a huge burden, and developers like it, maybe it'll happen.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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