[mythtv-users] Swapping PCI cards kills X

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Thu Oct 14 05:20:18 UTC 2010

So the bottom line is that nvidia cards and the 1600 don't get along very well, it's a bug, it's a problem because of nvidia's proprietary need for it's drivers and there is hope down the line but right now, it's just fixes. And, the fixes are problematic in that once you get a nice box built and working well, doing updates could break your nice box.

I was considering simply rebuilding the box at this point since I have nothing to lose, have learned a lot of new things, have made notes so can move forward once I get a working box again. On the other hand, just like the last times I built the box with these two cards in it, the problem would remain until resolved. 

Seems like I'm better off to just hang in there and find out how this is actually resolved because the things I've tried based on the wiki etc, ain't worked yet.

Oh, and the 1600 IS seen in the Capture card sections and I am able to capture video from the command line. 


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