[mythtv-users] All of this hardware talk reminds me...

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 01:02:20 UTC 2010

I built a pretty beefy machine (multi-use), and the cpu cores all seem
to stay at 800mhz unless of course I am doing something.  The problem
is they do not know when I am about to press the skip or any ff/rew
button for that matter.  I definitely do not want to run it full bore
since it is almost always idle, but I would like it responsive in the
myth menus.

Mind you I have not researched any of this, but is there a setting
somewhere to run a core at 2GHz when watching video?   :)  I have been
unable to get a smooth playback no matter what I do.  If I bind the
mythfrontend process to a single core and lock the governor on it does
anyone know if it will cause mythtv issues?  I would have to run a
core at 2GHz all the time, but I could script something to work around

I just hate it that while the gt220 is visually superior, the other
revos in the house (without a frequency controllable cpu) have better
response in playback.

I'll dig into it, but would love feedback on what others have done.



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