[mythtv-users] N220GT nVidia Drivers

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Wed Oct 13 00:59:53 UTC 2010

> if lspci shows the card, and dmesg shows ivtv claiming it, what precisely
> is the issue you are seeing?

There's no issue as such, just not sure how to set up the 500 as it is not the same as the 1600 I had in there. 
I'm using http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_PVR-500

The first link it references has no text in it.
Then in the "mythtv-setup, define 2 x PVR150" section, there isn't enough information for me to confirm that I'm doing this right.
The PVR-150 section of the wiki doesn't have much.

In the Capture Cards section, I have only two items. The wiki says to use hardware MPEG-2 device but other docs I've seen say to use IVTV. IVTV does say MPEG-2 encoder card, so I can only assume this is right. So, I've got two items in that section now, MPEG:/dev/video0 and MPEG:/dev/video1 both using Tuner1.

In Video Sources, I've set up the usual analog and digital sides, and have my guide data user info in the digital section.

In the Input Connections section, the many inputs show up. Reading tells me to leave those as they are, just assign names to them.

The 1600 had a DVB side which I would use to scan channels in. I don't know enough about the PVR-500 yet to know if it has the same functions. I bought them based on others saying they were good capture cards so wasn't expecting to use one as my tuner card.
So right now at least, I've also not found anything that clearly shows me how to tune in those locals.

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