[mythtv-users] N220GT nVidia Drivers

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Tue Oct 12 23:23:15 UTC 2010

>> wanting to complete are to get the pvr-500 working so that I can get
>> video into vga, then go on to nvidia.
>> Have to find another doc on installing the pvr-500 if anyone knows of one
>> with a little more detail than the wiki one.

> The PVR-500 is a capture-only device.  It doesn't connect to VGA in any
> way.  Just get X working, and then try to use it using tools in X (like
> mplayer... or mythtv).

Meaning.... I'd like to get the pvr-500 card working, at least it's tuner so that I can see live TV on the video cards VGA output, on the monitor, or in other words, the front end. That's what I want to achieve next. 

As for x, I've already said several times it's working fine.

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