[mythtv-users] Mythvideo (metadata)

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Tue Oct 12 20:44:11 UTC 2010

  Op 12-10-2010 22:02, Raymond Wagner schreef:
> On 10/12/2010 15:57, Jos Hoekstra wrote:
>>  Op 11-10-2010 15:50, Tom Gerrard schreef:
>>>> My metadata downloads have stopped working for some reason. I have 
>>>> been
>>>> running trunk for several years, and have always been able to work 
>>>> out my
>>>> problems,but this one has me stumped..
>>>>   I started noticing that some rips I did of the TV series The Unit 
>>>> wouldn't
>>>> work and the frontend log showed that no results were found.. I naming
>>>> scheme The Unit s01e01.mkv
>>>> 2010-10-09 16:39:03.687 Running Grabber:
>>>> /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -l en -M The Unit
>>>> 2010-10-09 16:39:04.438 No results found for The Unit 1 1
>>> For what it's worth I seem to have the same problem, after updating
>>> from the JYA trunk repo to the mythbuntu nightly trunk builds a few
>>> days ago (to fix the generation of screenshots on recordings).  The
>>> command written to the log does work correctly when run by hand,
>>> however a LAN trace does not show it accessing the internet when I hit
>>> the 'W' key.  I had a quick browse through the code and can't see any
>>> way of troubleshooting further without modifying metadatadownload.cpp
>>> &  compiling from source.
>>> My software versions are the same as yours, did you have any luck 
>>> fixing it?
>>> Tom
>> Manually:
>> /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb.py -l nl -M spider
>> 9613:Spider (2002)
>> 40039:Spiders (2000)
> That is not what the metadata grabbers in any recent form of trunk 
> output.

It's what the tmdb.py taken from trac(ugly I know) looks like, in 
mythbuntu it seems to be pointing to an empty directory. I'll change it 
back to original to find out how to get these scripts working the way 
they're supposed to ;)

>> The mythpython mentioned in other threads doesn't seem to exist
> Both 0.23.1 and trunk have a 'mythpython' command.  If you do not have 
> one, the python bindings have not been installed properly.
Any pointers on where to look if this is the case?
Locate mythpython doens't show me anything and I got all mythtv-packages 
installed offered by trunk-builds mythbuntu.

Locate tvdb and tmdb gives me this:
jos at mythbuntu:$ locate tvdb
jos at mythbuntu:$ locate tmdb

I'm guessing that the bindings are supposed to be in: 
/usr/share/pyshared/MythTV/ ?
To be honest I don't know how to make a proper bugreport(if needed) for 
the mythbuntu guys with enough info...



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