[mythtv-users] N220GT nVidia Drivers

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Tue Oct 12 15:30:33 UTC 2010

> hmm... The great majority manages to have a driver installed and
> working, either for an FX5200 or for a GT220, for either Fedora or
> Ubuntu.

I know, it's frustrating to keep harping on the problem but it doesn't appear to be something I'm doing weird. I certainly don't have the knowledge that many have here but I've followed along the advise being given with nothing working so far.

> The binary/proprietary driver provided by NVIDIA is quite well made and
> well supported by the distros too. From the Ubuntu/Mythbuntu side, which
> I am familiar with, I do not know Fedora, the process of getting it
> operational has been made exceptionally straightforward/simple/quick.

I tried an install of mythbuntu yesterday. For some reason, with the 220gt card installed in the machine, that distro worked for the first time. It would never work when I had the fx5200 installed on two machines I've been using to build.
> http://mythbuntu.org/wiki/mythbuntu-control-centre-mcc

Thanks for the lead, I'll look at it in case I've missed something.
> Could the root cause be between chair and keyboard? Oh, sorry, this is
> rude.


I'm not sure why you would offer good advise, try to help, then have this to say at the end. Doesn't make much sense. It's not like I'm not aware that I've been having a difficult time at this and I'm trying to handle it tongue in cheek, trying to stay positive that I can get part this problem, what ever it is. 

You know, those of you who don't want to help sure as hell don't have to. It's a freaking mailing list, just reply to what you want to. If I'm overstayed my welcome with some of you, deal with it, I'm not going anywhere, just don't answer my questions. The rest of you who are great people, I still welcome your help and am trying hard to learn which has been difficult because of this one nasty problem that doesn't go away, so far.

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