[mythtv-users] 0.23: 720p MPEG-2 recordings with wrong time lengths, resolutions

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu Oct 7 05:25:13 UTC 2010

I've recently noticed a peculiarity with some 720p FireWire
recordings. I mention it here before filing a ticket as 0.24 is coming

The issue occurs with some, not all, 720p FireWire recordings from ABC
and its corporate cousin, ESPN. Afflicted recordings:

* Display a doubled recording time. 30 minutes turn into one hour and one
  hour into two.
* Are detected, and displayed in Watch Recordings, as 1080i recordings
  instead of 720p.
* Cannot be losslessly transcoded properly; the audio track is
  dropped. (I know this is a longstanding issue that sometimes occurs
  during any lossless MPEG-2 transcode, but this always happens with
  the affected recordings.)

Playback is completely unaffected. Seeking is accurate within the true
time duration; jumping to the phantom second half causes mythfrontend
to realize that the recording is over.

I do not know whether this issue exists with over-the-air ABC
broadcasts, as I have hidden that channel from the over-the-air lineup
for the time being due to reception issues. I have not seen the issue
with FOX's 720p programs, but I don't record enough from that network
to judge accurately. The issue has only occurred in the last couple of
months--definitely after 0.23's release--but I can't tell whether this
is due to a change in the 0.23/0.23.1 code (am currently on r26569),
ABC/ESPN's feeds, or my cable provider's transmissions.

Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com> | San Francisco

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