[mythtv-users] mythpreviewgen missing from JYA repository?

Tom Gerrard mythtv at simpletcpip.com
Wed Oct 6 15:28:16 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm currently running trunk version 26525 from the JYA repository,
recently upgraded from 0.23-fixes.  Since the upgrade no programs get
the preview images generated, and I get lots of lines like these in
the backend log (the filename is correct):

Preview Error: Run() cannot generate preview locally for:

and in the frontend log:

PreviewQueue Error: Attempted to generate preview for
'9340_20101003095500.mpg_0x0_-1s' 53 times; >= max(50)

A quick search tells me that mythpreviewgen was introduced in svn
25567, however I don't seem to have a copy.

Anyone else had the same problem?  Or did I forget to do something
after upgrading from 0.23?  I have upgraded this combined FE/BE
incrementally from 0.21 if that makes any difference.


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