[mythtv-users] Error opening jump program file buffer

Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at comcast.net
Wed Oct 6 04:42:53 UTC 2010

On 10/04/2010 07:10 PM, Douglas Peale wrote:
> The surprising thing to me is that this bug affects cable, but not OTA. By the time the data comes out of the HDHomeRun, I would
> have thought it was identical.
> I got curious and just proved to myself that any of my tuners connected to cable will cause this problem. However in the process
> I discovered a work around.
> If I switch to a tuner other than the 1st tuner, and change the channel to an HD channel, I will get the error, but if I
> re-enter "watch TV", and switch back to the same tuner that just failed, it is still tuned to the HD Channel (Oddly the 1st
> tuner gets switched to the channel I was on on the other tuner before I attempted to change to the HD channel), and will
> properly display it. Once the HD channel is properly displayed, I can change channels for the rest of the session without problems.
> For example:
> Tuner 1 is on channel 2, an SD channel
> I switch to tuner 4, it is on channel 8 an SD channel
> I enter 5.1 an HD channel and I get dumped to the main menu with the Error opening jump program file buffer.
> I re-start live TV
> I find I'm on Tuner 1 which is now on channel 8 (I did not ever change channel on tuner 1).
> I switch to tuner 4, I find it is on channel 5.1 which it tunes correctly.
> I can now tune freely without running into the jump program file buffer error

I found a work around that avoids the error message entirely:
When I start "Watch TV" I am on my first cable tuner. If I type in the channel number of a channel that is only available on the
south antenna tuner, it will automatically switch tuners and then tune the channel properly, even if it is HD and the previous
channel is SD. I can then type in an HD cable channel, and myth will automatically switch back to the first cable tuner, and
tune in the HD channel properly. After that I can change channels without fear of running into the dreaded "Error opening jump
program file buffer".

I hope these work arounds give clues to the actual problem so it can be fixed.

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