[mythtv-users] Matrox Millennium G400 MAX

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Mon Oct 4 18:49:43 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-10-04 at 12:05 -0500, mike at grounded.net wrote:

> After what I've put into it so far, what the heck, I'll find a used,
> cheap, but current card and try that. Once it's working, then I'll
> probably want something fancy for SD and HD.

For crying out loud!

Get an NVIDIA GT220 PCI Express card that will do SD, HD, the best
deinterlacing on 1080i, more than excellent advanced upscaling for SD,
color space management and a few other nice things, making you cheap TV
worth twice its price, for $50, and be done with it!


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