[mythtv-users] Power Line Network Connections and Myth ?

Harry McGregor hmcgregor at biggeeks.org
Sun Oct 3 01:05:55 UTC 2010

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On 10/2/10 3:39 PM, sean darcy wrote:

> I'm planning on setting up an FE in a cabin about 150 yards from
> the house. I could run CAT 5E, but it's a long way, and the cable
> would be exposed to rain, snow, etc. Instead I'm thinking of
> Powerline over a dedicated electric cable. I run outdoor rated
> electric cable with an outlet at each end. No connection to the
> electric system at either end. Then use 2 Powerline adapters.

While 150 yards is technically over the ethernet/fast ethernet/gigabit
Ethernet spec, it usually doable if you use an Ethernet switch, and
good quality cable.

If you are going to dig, you can use direct burial cable, but instead,
I would highly recommend using PVC pipe (electrical grade, nice smooth

Normally the cost between the pipe and cable are rather close.
for the direct burial cable.

If you need to go above ground (on trees, etc), you can use the same
direct burial cable and it's UV rated, etc.

Another option (and safer, but more expensive) is to use the PVC pipe
with fiber.  The cable is not very expensive, but getting someone to
terminate it for you can be depending on location.


You can get cheap media converters for 100mbit, gigabit is a bit more,
but not much


> Would this work? Is it a good idea?
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