[mythtv-users] OT: Is there a way to outsource system admin tasks remotely?

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 2 19:03:35 UTC 2010

On 2 October 2010 17:50, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Saturday, October 02, 2010 05:14:17 am Robert Longbottom wrote:
>> On 2 Oct 2010, at 12:46 AM, Damian <myth at surr.co.uk> wrote:
>> > Hello all,
>> >
>> > I find I have less and less time for tweaking all of the things I'd like
>> > to tweak on my home computer systems. Getting my remote control handset
>> > working just the way that I want it, setting up this, fiddling with
>> > that, just never gets to the top of a long list of things that need
>> > doing. I'm finally at the point where I'd rather just pay someone a few
>> > $ to do a few of these things for me than them never get done.
>> >
>> > Do any of you know of any online services where you can get someone to
>> > log in to set up X and tweak Y and X?
>> >
>> > Do any of you fancy doing this yourselves?
>> >
>> > If I go down this route, how should I make sure the service is safe
>> > security wise? I was thinking of using something like TeamViewer unless
>> > there's a good reason not to.
>> >
>> > Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
>> >
>> > Damian
>> I thought Id seen mentioned on this list another list / group called
>> something like mythtv contractors. Sounds like almost exactly what you
>> want.
>> http://groups.google.com/group/mythtv-contractors?pli=1
> Certainly worth looking into, but:
> I didn't get the impression that the OP was looking specifically for help with Myth, but "all of the things I'd like to
> tweak on my home computer systems".
> Certainly this might include Myth, but not be limited to it. Many people who are adept at Myth are probably also capable
> of many other tasks as well, of course.
> I still think he's best off finding someone local, perhaps at a LUG, because some of his problems might be related to the
> physical setup and require on-site presence.
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Just to add my .02c

Don't expect that outsourcing it is going to be the solution to your
problems, even if you're paying a hourly rate reflective of the
competence of the individual, who pays for the time if they make a
mistake that breaks your system and requires substantial man hours to
put right?

While there's lots of 'tweaks' you want are you going to document
these in enough detail to ensure what's done is what you wanted doing
or are you going to rely on the pretty unreliable word of mouth?  Who
pays for the time for any misunderstandings that will inevitably

Any reasonably competent computer contractor should easily make $40
per hour and rates of $100+ph are not as unusual as you might think.

Don't underestimate what you're getting into here, while you may be
fortunate to find a local lad/gal who would happily undertake what you
ask and be happy to spend extra time putting it right if it goes wrong
don't expect that going in.

Best of luck.


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