[mythtv-users] Recordings failing without errors on PVR-150

Jonathan Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Sat Oct 2 17:31:06 UTC 2010

I have a mythtv setup for recording classes where I work: 4 dell workstations with 10 PVR-150s connected to RF modulator feeds from each room. This summer, I upgraded the systems to Debian Lenny with the .23.1 packages, and offloaded the MBE role to a tuner-less VM running on a VMWare ESX server.

The system works well for the most part, but occasionally it fails to record, or more properly--the slave server doesn't seem to start the recording properly. I have set the BE logs to record 'important,general,record,file,playback' messages, and normally I see log entries like this when starting the recording:

2010-09-30 09:29:04.740 TVRec(3): StartRecording(A530 A BASIC INCOME TAX)
2010-09-30 09:29:04.796 RecordingInfo: StartedRecording: Recording to '/mnt/LASRS2-rec1/rec1/1002_20100930092900.mpg'
2010-09-30 09:29:04.802 ProgramInfo(): Updated pathname '':'' -> '1002_20100930092900.mpg'
2010-09-30 09:29:04.813 TVRec(3): StartedRecording(0x85c42c8) fn(/mnt/LASRS2-rec1/rec1/1002_20100930092900.mpg)
2010-09-30 09:29:04.815 TVRec(3): ClearFlags(CancelNextRecording,) -> RunMainLoop,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:04.816 TVRec(3): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2010-09-30 09:29:04.819 TVRec(3): ClearFlags(FrontendReady,CancelNextRecording,) -> RunMainLoop,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:04.820 TVRec(3): Request: Program(yes) channel() input() flags(Recording,)
2010-09-30 09:29:04.824 TVRec(3): HW Tuner: 3->3
2010-09-30 09:29:04.824 TVRec(3): ClearFlags(PENDINGACTIONS,) -> RunMainLoop,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:04.825 TVRec(3): No recorder yet, calling TuningFrequency
2010-09-30 09:29:04.890 TVRec(3): ClearFlags(NeedToStartRecorder,) -> RunMainLoop,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:04.891 TVRec(3): SetFlags(NeedToStartRecorder,) -> RunMainLoop,NeedToStartRecorder,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:04.891 TVRec(3): Starting Recorder
2010-09-30 09:29:04.979 Using profile 'Default' to record
2010-09-30 09:29:04.979 TVRec(3): rec->GetFileName(): '/mnt/LASRS2-rec1/rec1/1002_20100930092900.mpg'
2010-09-30 09:29:04.985 RecBase(3:/dev/video0): SetRingBuffer(0x86437d0) '/mnt/LASRS2-rec1/rec1/1002_20100930092900.mpg'
2010-09-30 09:29:04.985 RecBase(3:/dev/video0): SetRecording(0x85c42c8) title(A530 A BASIC INCOME TAX)
2010-09-30 09:29:05.005 MPEGRec(/dev/video0): usingv4l2(1) has_v4l2_vbi(1) has_buggy_vbi(1)
2010-09-30 09:29:05.137 DevRdB(/dev/video0): buffer size 9400 KB
2010-09-30 09:29:05.138 MPEGRec(/dev/video0): DRB ready
2010-09-30 09:29:05.138 MPEGRec(/dev/video0): Initial startup of recorder
2010-09-30 09:29:05.138 MPEGRec(/dev/video0): StartEncoding
2010-09-30 09:29:05.141 TVRec(3): SetFlags(RecorderRunning,RingBufferReady,) -> RunMainLoop,NeedToStartRecorder,RecorderRunning,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:05.147 TVRec(3): ClearFlags(NeedToStartRecorder,) -> RunMainLoop,RecorderRunning,RingBufferReady,
2010-09-30 09:29:05.483 MPEGRec(/dev/video0): Encoding started

When a recording fails, I just get this:

2010-09-30 13:30:05.309 TVRec(6): StartRecording(B515 A CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: INVESTIGATION)

No followup messages can be found--errors or otherwise. The affected SBE will continue to operate and record other programs without issue, but the program remains in the 'currently recording' list until I restart the myth BE process on the affected SBE.

This has happened at various times on all the SBEs, so it's not specific to particular hardware.

Any suggestions on where to look for a solution, or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

Jon Larson

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