[mythtv-users] Using Backspace instead of Escape for "back"

Michael Zanetti lists at follefuder.org
Sat Oct 2 09:54:38 UTC 2010

Hi again,

Am Mittwoch 29 September 2010, 20:33:36 schrieben Sie:
> I know that there is the possibility to assign the Backspace key to the
> Escape function in mythcontrols. However, this doesn't work very well in
> this case. After reassigning the button, it does exit most of the menus
> but there are some places where this doesn't work. You cannot exit the
> player and you cannot exit the frontend. This seems to work only with the
> real Escape button.

I have been able to solve this. To exit the Frontend, there is a separate 
keybinding that must be set to Backspace too. In the TV Playback context there 
is another keybinding named "Clear OSD" which is bound to Backspace as 
default. Removing this binding, lets me exit the player using Backspace as 

> The next problem ist that in the new libmythui editboxes the Backspace
> button does not work as a Backspace button any more if reassigned to
> Escape. This works well in the oldschool QLineEdits. However, as those are
> going to be replaced by libmythui, this issue will grow over time.

This problem still persists. Anyone has an Idea how to fix/workaround this one?


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